Date Certifications/Licenses/Awards
2006 US Army Infantry School
2006 US Army Airborne School
2007 US Army Sniper School
2007 Combat Life Saver Course
2007 E&E Course
2006-2010 CQB
2006-2010 Counter Sniper Measures
2006-2010 Small Team Movements
2006-2010 Urban Hides
2010-2011 Personal Security
Jason Ellis – Chief Operating Officer

Currently I am the co-owner of Matrix Plumbing in Hurst, Texas. My responsibilities consist of insuring all day to day operations be completed along with managing several employees. My training and specialized background was achieved through joining the United States Army and Private Security where I made two deployments to hostile areas. I am trained and qualified on the following Weapon Systems: 240, 249B, M16, M4, M203, M9, M24, M107, M110, K47 and Glock19. I am trained and qualified with tactical driving on the following vehicles: MRAP, Stryker, LMTV, RG33 and HMMWV. 

Year(s) Certifications/Licenses/Awards
1997-2001 United States Marine Corps,0311 – Infantrymen
1997-2001 M.C.S.F.C. Marine Corps,Security Force Company
1997-2001 Firearms Instructor
1997-2001 Pistol Expert
1997-2001 Rifle Expert
2002 Basic Police Academy,T.C.C. 100th B.P.O.A.
2002 Haltom City Patrol,Division
2003 Canine Handler Training
2004 Purple Heart
2004-2010 Canine Handler – Canine Narcotics, Tracking, and Article Recovery
2010-2016 Patrol Officer – Patrol,Division
Banning Sweatland – President

During my service in the United States Marine Corps, I was instilled with numerous leadership traits that not only guide me through my Law Enforcement career today, but will benefit the progress and growth of Emergency Operations Proving Grounds through each phase of development.

The wash out rate in Marine Basic Training was 65% while I was attending Paris Island in 1997 Platoon 2072 Golf Company. During basic training I was selected to attend Marine Corps Security Force Training in Chesapeake, Virginia and was warned that more than 80% of the hand selected Marines would not make the final cut. After graduating at the top of my class I received a meritorious promotion and was assigned to Kings Bay, Georgia – Naval Base. This position was and still is classified. I always received a 300 P.F.T. (Physical Fitness Test). Less than 20% of Marines at the time could achieve this score.

After my service ended, I left the Marine Corps with an Honorable Discharge. I quickly started researching how to fulfill my dream of becoming a Police Officer after moving back to Texas. While determining how to get into Law Enforcement I took a full time job as an armored truck driver with Dunbar Armored. This position required a more detailed hiring process that surpasses most Law Enforcement background checks, due to the amount of money I was dealing with on a daily basis. As an employee with Dunbar Armored, I chose to put myself through the Police Academy full time while working.

Knowing my service background, I was chosen to be Sergeant at Arms for my platoon and lead our team in physical fitness training. I graduated the Police Academy after receiving the Top Gun Award and was quickly hired by a Law Enforcement Agency and have been protecting and serving for the last 15 years. In that time I had the privilege of being a Canine Handler for 7 years and received the Purple Heart. During my tenure as a Canine Handler my partner, Mary Jane and I were consistently called upon by surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies for our ability in locating narcotics and tracking. I still get called by the Dallas and Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office as an expert in regards to canine case law and or to review cases submitted by surrounding agencies.  I currently work in the Patrol Division and I am one of the top range qualifiers at my department.

I am honored to be Emergency Operations Proving Grounds President and I look forward to this opportunity to bestow my training knowledge and expertise!

Here is a brief timeline and description of my career accomplishments:

Andy Whitley – Vice President

I have been a Patrol Officer for 15 years and most of my specialized instruction is with Law Enforcement firearms training. I am also an instructor at the TCC Police Academy firearms range and I assist in teaching Patrol Procedures at North Central Texas Regional Police Academy. The last 10 years, I have been a member of the SWAT Team as well as the Assistant Team Leader. This position has allowed me to provide direction and support to my fellow team members by demonstrating my knowledge of strong tactical values. I came to realize and respect that not only am I responsible for the over-all operation of my unit, but the unit’s future successes depend on my efforts and I take this realization very seriously.

I have attended approximately 25 different tactical courses during my Law Enforcement career. These courses include Advanced SWAT, Hostage Rescue, Low Light, Less Lethal, Advanced Rifle, Combat Pistol, and Combat Rifle. My strength is building search movements and tactics.

Here is a brief timeline and description of my career accomplishments:

Date Certifications/Licenses/Awards
06/13/2001 Peace Officer License –,Haltom City
05/01/2006 Basic SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics)
03/14/2008 Police Training Officer
09/26/2008 Basic Instructor
05/27/2010 Advanced License
11/05/2010 Firearms Instructor
06/15/2012 Patrol Rifle Instructor
10/10/2013 Armorer/Gunsmith – Glock/AR15
07/08/2014 Field Training Officer

Board of Directors

Our board of directors consists of three talented individuals that possess the knowledge to conduct safe and proficient training for all first responders. Not only will we train our first responders, we will also train responsible citizens how to decrease the chance of harm to their family during a direct threat.