This course examines the principal issues associated with modern domestic & international terrorism and efforts to counter it. The objective of the course is to provide the student with a broad understanding of both domestic & international terrorism, and to enhance the ability to engage knowledgeably in discussion and debate on the subject. The course considers a wide range of questions in order to provide students with a deeper understanding of the threat of terrorism today. Among the questions we will examine are:

How has terrorism evolved over time?
What are the defining features of modern terrorism, including ideological principles, political motivations and organizational structure? 
What are the challenges associated with modern counter-terrorism responses?

Specifically, the course will analyze both terrorism's effectiveness as a means to achieve political change and the challenges faced by the liberal democratic state in responding to domestic and/or international terrorist campaigns.

​Your Instructor

​Domestic & International Terrorism Course

​Scott Nichol

Expert for combating terrorism intelligence preparation, coordination, and planning. Maintained an expert knowledge of international threat issues, including terrorism, instability, and political violence and unrest, and coordinates with the Intelligence Community (IC) agencies and regional Combatant Commands for intelligence support.