Our Mission

Train all First Responders how to address a threat on human life, in order to limit casualties of emergency personnel and the citizens they serve and protect.
E.O.P.G. was created to provide state-of-the-art training to all First Responders, at the lowest cost possible. 


The training is designed to assist, front line on duty personnel including Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Service and Telecommunicators, how to work as a team together. The primary training goal is to teach each section of the emergency responders how to communicate properly and to assist each other accomplish the priority task including but not limited to, terrorist’s attacks on the general public and or First responders and Active Shooter joint-training to protect and allow emergency medical personnel guarded access to a hot zone to render aid to victims.


Thus creating a faster response through proper driving, proper radio broadcast/updates from the first emergency responders to arrive and quickly tend to victims while containing to end the threat. This will save more lives when seconds count.