Validation of Problem & Solution

E.O.P.G. will have capabilities to train Law Enforcement Officers including Fire Department, E.M.S. and Telecommunicators (i.e. Both dispatchers and 911 call takers) from the same agency at the same time with up to 20 people with each department.

Firefighters are going to receive training on active shooter scenarios including fire suppression with an active threat on fire personnel. E.M.S will be trained how to enter a “hot-zone” with patrol officers as their guardians to render lifesaving first aid to injured civilians and or other First Responder victims. 911 Telecommunicators will learn to communicate faster between the three main responders on the ground while relaying information to the S.W.A.T. Commander (if a team is available in said municipality). Volunteers for each department are going to be included in this invaluable training FREE of charge!


• State-of-the-art classrooms for learning
• Safety Team
• High Definition Camera System to cover all angles of training
• Green Gas air soft new generation training firearms
• Largest most advanced driving course
• State-of-the-art C.A.D. (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems for Telecommunicators
• Wave Lake-controlled water environment
• Electronic scoring system for Shoot House
• Electronic T.C.O.L.E. reporting system
• Medical Triage Facility on site
• Perimeter security for all personnel and general public including guests and spectators

Our Solution

E.O.P.G will be a low-cost, state-of-the-art alternative as compared to other facilities serving the needs of municipalities with restricted budgets and equipment shortages, who could not typically afford to send their First Responders to receive this effective training.
Learning to train as you deploy in actual scenarios, is our key value proposition

• Training City
• E.V.O.C. Driving Course
• Welcome Center
• Classrooms for in-service and basic training
• Parking Garage
• Hotel/Barracks
• Medical Triage Facility
• Vendor Shops
• Obstacle Course
• Emergency Vehicle Build-Out Facility
• Armory with Bunker
• Indoor 200 foot Range
• State-of-the-art Shoot House
• 1000 yard Sniper Range-static and moving targets
• Wave controlled lake for Sonar Boat
• Skeet Range
• Two Camping Zones
• Fleet Maintenance
• Burn Buildings for Fire Training
• Large Observation tower to encompass Telecommunicators and V.I.P observation floor-Helicopter access close proximity to tower. Available to observe full scale E.V.O.C. and Training City with television monitors while First Responders enter training city buildings for V.I.P. first hand viewing